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Call NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, I think itís a new life form !!†

I could write a book about some of the things Iíve seen inspecting houses.


Have fun with some of these interesting ones.†

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Just for fun

Q: Whatís wrong with this picture?

A: The chimney is missing! It has been roofed over. Unfortunately, the furnace was still trying to vent through it !!!!

Look closely and you will see two strings hanging from the ceiling on each side of the mirror. They are conducting water leaks from the roof to buckets on the floor without to eliminate that annoying dripping sound. Very creative !!!

Nice wiring job !!

One of the finest Iíve seen.

New Use for Carpet.

Absorb leaks from plumbing stack flashing

No bearing plate between steel column and wood.

Fix that kitchen drain leak with packing tape!